La Grande Année 2014


An intense, multifaceted wine

La Grande Année : Vinification in wooden barrels, savoir-faire upheld by Bollinger

La Grande Année is the very embodiment of an exceptional, timeless champagne. Artisanal savoir-faire is at the heart of its production. One such artisanal technique is vinification, which takes place in oak barrels that are around 20 years old. This helps the wine develop complex aromas, and, thanks to micro-oxygenation, lends an extraordinary ageing potential. These 4,000 barrels are housed and maintained in the Champagne Bollinger Cooperage. Bollinger is the only Champagne House to have a resident cooper. 

All Bollinger vintages, including La Grande Année, are riddled and disgorged entirely by hand, a process which takes place after the wine has long been aged on its lees, in bottles sealed with cork. These rigorous, artisanal techniques contribute to making La Grande Année a truly hand-crafted wine.

The 2014 viticultural year, patience rewarded

The 2014 vintage was the product of a year of mixed fortunes. A rainy autumn and winter gave way to two parched, sunny months, of which June was the sunniest in 50 years. Then there was summer, August in particular, when we saw especially cold weather. 

All Bollinger vineyards began harvesting at the same time, on the 15th of September, and finished just nine days later. This is notably brief as harvesting usually takes two weeks. Owing in part to the fine weather in September, the quality of the grape was maintained, perfectly balancing the maturity and acidity of the grape musts.

The 2014 vintage made for a wine that is precise, refined and complex, both in its minerality and its exceptional intensity.

La Grande Année 2014, Intensity & Minerality

La Grande Année 2014 is an intense, multifaceted wine. A variety of aromas are gradually revealed upon tasting. This adds to the versatility of this wine, with subtle notes that pair with a wide range of dishes from different origins.

The wine has glints of gold, reflecting its maturity and Bollinger vinification techniques.

On the nose it is precise and fruity, with a slight scent of sea-air. Aromas of cherry and lemon mingle with quince and bergamot. Notes of hazelnut and almond, peach and mirabelle plum, complete this wine’s range of aromas.

The initial sensation is a fine and intense effervescence, followed by a wonderful vinosity, balanced with delicate acidity. The fine texture and sea-air finish of the wine bring excellent length on the palate, accompanied by complex flavours of orchard fruits and citrus. La Grande Année 2014 is a wine that unfurls gradually to reveal its full potential and intensity.

  The journalist's opinion  

Tyson Stelzer – La Grande Année 2014 – 97/100

“A truly great Bollinger by every measure, blessed with incredible longevity, and grand testimony to the wizardry of this house to draw out all the glories of endurance and elegance from a less than simple season.”


Richard Juhlin – La Grande Année 2014 – 96/100

“Overall, this is an extremely beautiful and complex Bollinger on the finer and more elegant half of the whole. I love how you find new little details in a harmonious simplicity with each new sip. Fascinating and beautiful already, grand as R.D. in 10 years or more and without a doubt one of the vintage's rare hits.”