The Grand Journey


The Grand Journey is a journey into food and wine, a discovery of maritime-influenced cuisine and perfect pairings to enhance La Grande Année 2014

With unrivalled density and texture, La Grande Année 2014 is a truly gourmet fine wine. Its creamy effervescence and wonderful vinosity, balanced with subtle acidity, pair perfectly with refined dishes and quality produce. Upon tasting, La Grande Année 2014 reveals multiple facets, each of which deserves to be explored.

Searching for a Perfect Pairing to harmonise with the mineral and sea-air notes of this vintage, Champagne Bollinger has created The Grand Journey, a culinary odyssey to discover the finest ambassadors of seafood gastronomy. The Grand Journey brings together culture – represented by each carefully selected chef – and La Grande Année 2014, an intense, sea-air wine.

Five outstanding Michelin-starred chefs reveal the sea-air notes of La Grande Année 2014 through their recipes: Christopher Coutanceau in La Rochelle, France; Gabriel Kreuther in New York, United States; Fabrizio Mellino in Nerano, Italy; Eric Kragh Vildgaard in Copenhagen, Denmark and Viki Geunes in Antwerp, Belgium.

Christopher Coutanceau - La Rochelle

Having sailed since childhood, Chef Christopher Coutanceau is passionate about the sea, and sees the ocean as a real source of inspiration. He carefully selects produce from local fisheries, and obtained his third Michelin star in 2020. In 2007, the chef became co-owner of the restaurant Christopher Coutanceau alongside head sommelier Nicolas Brossard. The restaurant designs, enhances and revisits all kind of seafood dishes, creating an exceptional tasting experience.

For his Perfect Pairing with the intense and mineral vintage, the French chef suggests a prawn-based dish with sea grapes, sea lettuce and dulse seaweed.

Gabriel Kreuther - New York

Gabriel Kreuther is a James Beard award-winning and two-Michelin-starred Chef who opened his first restaurant in 2015, named Gabriel Kreuther. At the New York address, patrons are treated to a luxurious gastronomic experience. Combining his Alsatian origins with his love for The Big Apple, Gabriel Kreuther’s cuisine is impeccably crafted and draws on traditional French culinary techniques. 

To pair with La Grande Année 2014, Gabriel Kreuther has created an Alaskan king crab cannelloni with a sea urchin coulis. 

Eric Vildgaard - Copenhagen

Running Jordnær alongside his wife, Chef Eric Vildgaard creates a unique atmosphere and a dining experience that is full of passion. He makes no compromises: his menu is Nordic, sustainable and simple. His dishes are based around seafood and inspired by the sea and his local area. He also uses fish which are freshly caught in nearby Lake Arresø.

For La Grande Année 2014, Erik Kragh Vildgaard’s Perfect Pairing is a dish featuring turbot and langoustine and served with truffle.

Fabrizio Mellino - Nerano

With utmost respect for tradition and the seasons, Chef Fabrizio Mellino draws inspiration from the Amalfi Coast and creates exclusive dishes made with the best local ingredients. Guided by passion, sharing, generosity and expertise, Chef Mellino is determined to make sure his patrons share, love and fully experience each of his culinary inventions.

Discover soon his Perfect Pairing with La Grande Année Rosé 2014. 

Viki Geunes - Antwerp

Self-taught Chef Viki Geunes demonstrates exceptional cuisine from the heart of his restaurant in Antwerp and was recently awarded his third star in the 2021 Michelin Guide for Belgium and Luxembourg. At Zilte, he aims to offer a full gastronomical experience. He believes that respect for produce is key, and therefore only uses local sources, in particular the international port in Antwerp.

Discover soon his Perfect Pairing with La Grande Année 2014.