La Côte aux Enfants Champagne 2012

A rich wine with real personality

Discover the story of a parcel that continues to be written today.

La Côte aux Enfants Champagne, the realisation of the visionary spirit of Jacques Bollinger



A distinctive fine champagne

La Côte aux Enfants Champagne is a wine composed of 100% Grand Cru pinot noir, from the single La Côte aux Enfants plot. This champagne has been cellar aged with natural cork for twice as long as required by appellation. Dosage is moderate, 8 grams per litre.

Champvoisy Tauxières Avenay-Val-d’Or Louvois Verzenay Cuis Reims Aÿ Épernay Vallée de la Marne Montagne de Reims Côte des Blancs
100 % Pinot Noir


A rich and firm wine

The signature of this vintage comes both from the taste of Pinot Noir and using a single parcel. This makes for a new vision of Bollinger’s winemaking expertise; a vision that was strengthened by this exceptional year 2012.


To the eye

A champagne tinted with golden yellow glints


To the nose

It is generous on the nose, with toasted, roasted and toasty notes and dried flowers, accompanied by hazelnut aromas. This is followed by notes of honey and spices, such as cinnamon.


On the palate

A firm, rich and contrasting taste. Flavours such as soft fruit and acacia honey blend with spices, which give the wine its character. The tasting is rounded off by excellent bitter notes.


Tasting recommendations

To fully appreciate the unique style, bouquet and aromas of La Côte aux Enfants Champagne 2012, it is best served between 8 and 10°C. You can choose to enjoy this wine now, or choose to age it in your cellar.

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