Bollinger R.D. 2008

Bold and Splendid

Bold perspectives on R.D. 2008

  • Episode 1

    The Mastering of Time

    In conversation with Denis Bunner

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  • Episode 2

    A timeless Tradition

    In conversation with Emanuele Canaparo

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  • Episode 3

    Tradition and Audacity

    In conversation with the Chef Gian Piero Vivalda

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La Grande Année 2014

Intensity and Minerality

A new 2014 vintage that gives rise to an exceptional wine at Bollinger – precise, fine and complex.


    PN TX17

    Bollinger’s unique vision of Pinot Noir

    Third edition of the Bollinger PN collection, our PN TX17 champagne is a blend with a unique taste, showcasing the distinctive features of wines from the terroir...


      Vieilles Vignes Françaises 2013

      The eternal taste and soul of Champagne

      An intense, fresh vintage, the secret of a viticultural year full of contrasts and the embodiment of two miraculously-surviving clos.


      Champagne Bollinger

      A House committed to taste

      Champagne Bollinger is more than a great champagne: it is a great Champagne house, thanks to the nature that surrounds it and the hands of the people who shape it, from one generation to the next.

      "Discovering Champagne Bollinger is to meet one of the last great Champagne families. A family of passionate individuals who have been working for nearly two centuries to create the finest Champagne wines with a unique and legendary taste."

      Charles-Armand de Belenet, Managing Director of Champagne Bollinger


      Now in Aÿ

      A well deserved rest

      It is the middle of winter in Champagne and the cold has set in. Men and women are busy in the Maison’s vineyards, pruning each of the vines to prepare them for the return of beautiful days.

      From November to April in Champagne, thousands of vines are pruned by hand, one by one, to ensure vine vigour and fertility in Spring.


      Extract from “Life can be perfect”

      published in 2014

      The weather in Aÿ


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