Champagne Bollinger obtains B Corp certification

Maison Bollinger maintains its ongoing commitment to People, to the Land, and to its Roots.

In July 2022, Maison Bollinger outlined ambitious plans for its Bicentenary (2029) as well as a new environmental and societal charter. Today, Maison Bollinger proud to reveal that we have achieved our objective of obtaining a B Corp certification, as of September 2023.


A demanding certification, recognising over two years of determination.

This international certification represents high standards in terms of social, societal, and environmental performance and it allows us to join a community of businesses who are committed to the ambitious development of these values.

By obtaining the B Corp certification, Champagne Bollinger commits to a structure of ongoing development and must submit to an evaluation and verification process every three years to demonstrate that it still meets the constantly advancing certification standards.

This certification recognises the merit of the daily actions of the Maison and engages all Champagne Bollinger employees in a collective approach to progress.

Charles-Armand de Belenet, Managing Director


A responsibility anchored in time and a commitment to People, the Earth and our Roots.

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    We perfect unique areas of expertise.

  • Bollinger_site_contrib_SC_Durabilite_02.jpg

    We develop a culture of excellence for our employees.

  • Bollinger_site_contrib_SC_Durabilite_03.jpg

    We guarantee the well-being of our teams.

  • Bollinger_site_contrib_SC_Durabilite_04.jpg

    We ensure the sustainability of our vineyards by preserving biodiversity.

  • Bollinger_site_contrib_SC_Durabilite_05.jpg

    We reduce the carbon footprint of our work.

  • Bollinger_site_contrib_SC_Durabilite_06.jpg

    We develop a circular economy.

  • Bollinger_site_contrib_SC_Durabilite_06 copie.jpg

    We perpetuate family heritage.

  • Bollinger_site_contrib_SCSC_Durabilite_08.jpg

    We contribute to the local ecosystem.

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