Each Bollinger cuvée has its own character, like the person with whom it will be enjoyed.

Would you open the same champagne with your wife, your husband, your colleagues or your friends? You can do so if you wish. Bollinger cuvées are so complex that there is something in them for everyone. But you can also choose your champagne according to the person you will drink it with. As with food, there are ideal matches between a wine and its taster. The amount of care invested in choosing the cuvée will always be a reflection of the respect, friendship or love that you feel for the other person.

Special Cuvée is for the best of friends, those whom you welcome to your home without formality but never without elegance. It is as lively as the laughter that rings out around the table, the subtlety of the bubbles evoking the bond between guests. Dishes served can be very simple, such as a good ham or a variety of sushi. Special Cuvée will do the rest.

Bollinger Rosé is for joyous and inquisitive free-spirits. Its aromas of spices and wild summer fruits are redolent of travel and distant lands. Bollinger Rosé brings a breath of fresh air, of spring and of the East to those precious family occasions such as meeting up with a too rarely seen cousin, or planning the next holidays with your partner.

La Grande Année will contribute to the success of your business lunches and dinners. A sign of impeccable taste, it highlights the discernment and experience of the person who has chosen it. This is the champagne to seal deals.

La Grande Année Rosé is for the man or woman whose heart you wish to capture: Madame Bollinger’s last gift speaks the language of love. It adds infinite charm to the romance of an intimate dinner for two.

Bollinger R.D. is like your best friend, someone who has always been part of your life. Time has worked its magic on this wine in the same way, making it powerful, precious and unique. Vieilles Vignes Françaises is a cuvée which symbolises those unforgettable and exceptional events which mark a lifetime, such as births and marriage proposals. You might forget many things, but this wine is quite simply unforgettable. These are just a few hints, to take or to leave. For after all, it comes down to a matter of taste.