The sight of Mrs Bollinger cycling through the vineyards and roads of Aÿ is imprinted in everyone's memories.

Style can sometimes be found in the most unexpected places! Dignified yet simple whatever the occasion, Lily Bollinger criss-crossed her "territory" on a bicycle that everyone was familiar with, not just in Aÿ and the surrounding countryside, but even on the other side of the world! Her bicycle was such an integral part of her personality that for her seventieth birthday, Richard Blum, the president of the agency Julius Wile, Bollinger's importer in the United States, ordered from Hermès a superb crocodile-skin saddle, engraved with his friend's initials: LLB, for Lily Lauriston Bollinger. Mrs Bollinger used her gift with her characteristic discretion and modesty. Today it is part of the collection exhibited in the museum in the house in Aÿ.