Bollinger R.D. 2007

Bold & Vibrant

The Bollinger R.D. Experience :

The contrast between a wonderful freshness

and the exceptional aromas of an old vintage.

Blend of the 2007 vintage 
70% Pinot Noir, 30% Chardonnay.
14 crus: 91% Grands crus and 9% Premiers crus.
Exclusive use of the cuvée. Fermentation entirely in oak barrels.
Only the very best vintages are elevated to the level of Bollinger R.D.: the 2007 vintage is characterised by remarkable precision and energy.

A very long maturation, more than four times longer than required by the appellation, for an infinite array of flavours: a true wine alchemy. 
Maturation carried out under natural cork.

Recent disgorgement 
Bollinger R.D. is released only a few months after it is disgorged.
This recent disgorgement guarantees the remarkable freshness of the wine.

Very low: "Extra Brut"", 3 grammes per litre.

To the eye  
Intense shimmers of gold.

To the nose 
Complex on the nose with aromas of honey and brioche. This is followed by a host of spices (ginger, cumin, caraway and more), before evolving into notes of mirabelle plum, dried apricot and fresh hazelnut.

On the palate 
A lively and clean opening that reveals notes of white plum, walnut and aniseed. Its freshness is beautiful and its tension incredible.

Pairings based on saffron, the ingredient selected to highlight the Bollinger R.D. 2007 cuvée:
Langoustine with a saffron-infused vinaigrette - Fillet of halibut in a saffron crust - Bresse chicken with a saffron and ginger sauce.

In order to showcase its unique style, we recommend serving Bollinger R.D. at a temperature of 8°C, then to appreciate the evolution of its aromas over the course of the tasting.

There are two different experiences possible.

The first entails a discovery of Bollinger R.D. during the same year of its disgorgement. In this case, the wine expresses a specific aromatic range, with complex fruity notes.

The alternative experience involves leaving Bollinger R.D. for several more years to mature in the cellar, which then reveals the depth of aromas characteristic of the finest vintages.

In the mid-1960s, while most Champagne Houses were developing unusually shaped bottles, Bollinger decided to concentrate on its signature taste. Although old vintages were not fashionable in 1967, Madame Bollinger was bold as ever. True to her pioneering spirit, she had the daring idea of marketing the 1952 vintage that had recently been disgorged and dosed as an Extra Brut.

This was the vision she championed: the absolute prestige of Bollinger lay in the wine itself, not in its vessel. In doing so, Madame Bollinger created a completely original tasting experience: the aromatic intensity of the finest vintages, contrasted with a wonderful freshness on the palate. This freshness is due to the natural acidity of the grapes during harvest, and is underscored by the Extra Brut dosage.

It was a revolution that would have a lasting impact on the Bollinger style, as well as the world of champagne as a whole.

This vintage bore the name of the cuvée for the very first time.
It would be known as Bollinger R.D. and its label was the first ever to specify a disgorgement date. Bollinger R.D. 2007 now once again sports all the codes of this legendary label: material, font and date of disgorging. Authenticity through the years.


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