Reserve magnums at Bollinger

A luxury reserve

Priceless treasure


A rich aromatic palette

These wines held in magnum encapsulate a unique process: a very slight second fermentation, or “prise de mousse”, takes place before the bottles are sealed with a cork. This “micro-champagnisation” helps stabilise the aromas of the wines for all the years they will spend in the cellar, patiently waiting to be used. This reserve allows the Cellar Master to make the most of this rich palette of aromas when it comes to blending. Explosive, yet subtle and precise, these aromatic bombs, unique in Champagne, lend Bollinger wines their incomparable character and their constant quality year after year.
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Over 130 years of expertise

Behind one of its pillars, the reserve magnums, lies a tradition that dates back to 1892, the year they were first used in the assemblies of non-vintage champagnes. Over 130 years later, Special Cuvée is still the rightful heir with an assembly composed mainly of reserve wines, at least 10% of which are held in magnum, a rarity in Champagne.

Showcasing treasure

Showcasing this tradition, upheld by Bollinger, provides insight into the complex and meticulous way in which this exceptional wine is made. The “Réserve”, as this wine library is known, serves as a museum and takes us back in time in search of rich and powerful aromas which, like spices, have been enhancing assemblies for over a century.