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In accordance with the provisions of article L3342-1 of the French Public Health Code, which stipulates that the sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited, and in accordance with the provisions of article L3323-2 of the French Public Health Code, you undertake to access the Website only if you are of legal age on the date on which you access the Website. The User will be held liable for any false declaration. You also undertake to implement the necessary means to prevent minors who may use your computer equipment from accessing the Website and the information it contains regarding the products offered by Maison Bollinger.

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. Please consume in moderation.

Consuming alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, even in small quantities, can have serious consequences on the child’s health.

1. Rules of access and use of the Website

In using and accessing the Website, you undertake not to:

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If Champagne Bollinger considers that you are not respecting these Terms and Conditions of Use, it may at any time, and at its sole discretion, remove your access to the Website.

2. Intellectual Property

Maison Bollinger grants you a right of access to the Website strictly limited to its use. You acknowledge that you are aware of and accept that all elements of the Website, images, photographs, graphics, drawings, illustrations, layouts, logos, texts and other content are and remain the exclusive property of Maison Bollinger and are protected by the Intellectual Property Code, as well as by applicable international treaties and agreements relating to the protection of intellectual property rights.

Maison Bollinger is the sole owner of and/or entitled to exercise all rights, titles and interests in the Website and its contents, including all intellectual property rights notably including all rights relating to copyright, design rights, trademark rights, sui generis rights of the producer of databases, as well as rights relating to logos, trade names, company names, domain names, technologies, expertise, processes, formulas, source codes and executable codes, data and similar rights, including information relating to any application, registration or renewal thereof which may be protected by the laws, regulations or rules on intellectual property of any country.

Any reproduction, representation, adaptation, exploitation, distribution, dissemination, commercial use, translation, arrangement, transformation or creation of derivative or composite works of all or part of the contents or any other element or information appearing on the Website, on any medium whatsoever and by any process, present or future, is expressly prohibited. Such acts are likely to constitute acts of counterfeiting, engaging the civil and/or criminal liability of their perpetrator.

3. Database protection

In accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code on copyright and sui generis database rights, the extraction and/or reuse of all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the elements and contents of the Website, as well as the repeated and systematic extraction or reuse of qualitatively or quantitatively insubstantial parts of the elements and contents of the Website, is strictly forbidden. Such acts are likely to constitute acts of counterfeiting, engaging the civil and/or criminal liability of their perpetrator.

4. Website sections & content – 1829 account

The Website includes various sections dedicated to the presentation of Maison Bollinger, its history, its wines, its working methods, its values, its social and environmental commitments, as well as news and events organised by Maison Bollinger or in which it participates.

These sections may change, be added to, modified or deleted at any time, according to the editorial choices of Maison Bollinger. These modifications are made at the discretion of Maison Bollinger, without prior notice to internet users. If you are looking for information that no longer appears on the Website, please contact us at the following address: CHAMPAGNE BOLLINGER - Service Clients - 20 Boulevard du Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny - 51160 Aÿ - France or by email: contact@champagne-bollinger.fr

Among the sections of the Website is a section dedicated to the presentation of "1829", an application reserved for members with an "1829" account. This section dedicated to the presentation of the "1829" application is freely accessible.

It is also possible, via the Website and on condition of having an "1829" account, to access certain features of the "1829" application. It is specified that only certain features of the "1829" application are accessible via the Website, as Maison Bollinger makes no commitment to the "1829" members to make specific features of the "1829" application or all features of the "1829" application available via the Website. It is therefore recommended that "1829" members use the "1829" application in order to fully benefit from all of the services offered by Maison Bollinger.

If you do not have an "1829" account, you will not be able to access the section of the Website dedicated to "1829" members and/or the "1829" application. In order to create an "1829" account, you must have a personal code. This personal code can be obtained in three ways:

  • With a code card that may be given to you following the purchase of a Premium cuvée box case from Maison Bollinger,

  • With a code card that may be given to you following a visit to Maison Bollinger,

  • With a code that may be given to you by sending your application to Maison Bollinger via the questionnaire accessible in the "Join 1829" section of the Website.

To create a “1829” account you will need to agree to the general terms and conditions of use and sale specific to the “1829” application, which are sent to you when you create your account.

5. Website accessibility, maintenance and updates

Champagne Bollinger undertakes to make its best efforts to allow the User access to the Website within an obligation of means.

As such, Champagne Bollinger undertakes to take all the care and diligence necessary to provide a quality service in accordance with the uses of the profession.

Champagne Bollinger will endeavour to provide continuous access to the Website, except in the event of force majeure, as defined by law and jurisprudence, and except in the event of breakdowns, failures due to hosting, maintenance operations necessary for the proper functioning of the Website or, more generally, to adapt and update its content.

As it has no power or responsibility over the internet connection chain, Maison Bollinger cannot guarantee permanent and/or uninterrupted access to the Website, and makes no commitment in this regard to the User.

The User declares that they are fully aware of the characteristics and constraints of the internet, and in particular that the transmission of data and information on the internet only offers relative technical reliability, as it circulates on heterogeneous networks with diverse characteristics and technical capacities, which disrupt access or make it impossible at certain times.

Maison Bollinger reserves the right to suspend, interrupt, or limit access to all or part of the Website without prior notice, particularly for maintenance and updating operations necessary for the proper functioning and/or updating of the Website, or for any other reason, particularly technical, regardless of the time and duration of the intervention.

Interruptions in service shall not entitle the User to any compensation.

6. Liability

6.1.  User liability

The User undertakes, when using the Website, not to contravene the legislative and regulatory provisions in force and these terms and conditions of use.

The User is informed that any violation of these terms and conditions of use may lead to legal proceedings and possible sanctions against them, in addition to the restriction and/or blocking of their access to the Website.

The User is liable to Champagne Bollinger and/or third parties for any material and/or immaterial, direct and/or indirect prejudice of any nature whatsoever caused by the User and/or their employees as a result of the use of the Website under conditions that do not comply with these terms and conditions of use and/or with the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

6.2.  Liability of Maison Bollinger

Under no circumstances and within the limits provided by law may Maison Bollinger be held directly or indirectly liable for any prejudice caused to a User or a third party as a result of the use of the Website in accordance with these terms of use, regardless of the cause.

In the same way and within the same limits, Maison Bollinger may not be held directly or indirectly responsible for any prejudice caused to the User or a third party due to the unavailability or malfunctioning of the Website, regardless of the cause or duration.

The Bollinger products presented on the Website are for informative purposes only. Under no circumstances does the presentation of Maison Bollinger products on the Website constitute an offer to sell said products, nor any indication as to the availability of said products on the marketplace, nor, more generally, does it constitute a contractual commitment or proposed contractual commitment by Maison Bollinger to the User.

7. Hypertext links

The Website may feature a number of hypertext links to other websites. However, CHAMPAGNE BOLLINGER is unable to verify the content of sites visited via these links and will under no circumstances assume any liability for this.