La Grande Année Rosé

The subtle blend of a great champagne and a unique red wine

La Grande Année Rosé, the embodiment of an exceptional and timeless champagne

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Vinified exclusively in old oak barrels

Great wines are always born in barrels. La Grande Année Rosé is the perfect representation of this. This is a rare Champagne tradition, as Champagne Bollinger is one of the last-remaining Champagne houses to still vinify its great wines in barrels. However, thanks to micro-oxygenation, vinification in oak gives the wine extraordinary ageing potential.


Riddled and disgorged exclusively by hand

The people of Champagne have long sought the best way to clarify wine by removing the deposit that forms over the years. To do this, they invented the very unique method of riddling: gently and gradually moving the bottle to progressively remove the sediment and guide it into the neck of the bottle. The cellars of Champagne Bollinger are home to row upon row of wooden stands.

About La Grande Année 2015

  • La Grande Année 2015

    The Grand Canopy

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  • La Grande Année 2015


    An invitation to dine under the Great Canopy

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