La Grande Année 2014

Intensity and Minerality

This new 2014 vintage reveals an intense, multifaceted wine.

Vinification in barrels: expertise preserved by Champagne Bollinger



The balance between the intensity of great Pinot Noir and the freshness of Chardonnays

La Grande Année 2014 is an assembly of 19 crus, mostly in Aÿ and Verzenay for the 61% Pinot Noir and Chouilly and Oiry for the 39% Chardonnay.

Fermentation takes place entirely in oak barrels and the wine is aged, sealed with a natural cork, for more than twice the time required by the appellation. Dosage is moderate, 8 grams per litre.

Champvoisy Tauxières Avenay-Val-d’Or Louvois Verzenay Cuis Reims Aÿ Épernay Vallée de la Marne Montagne de Reims Côte des Blancs
61 % Pinot Noir 39 % Chardonnay


The 2014 vintage was the product of a year of mixed fortunes

A rainy autumn and winter were followed by two very dry and sunny months. Then summer, and particularly August, saw markedly cold weather. However, the quality of the grapes was preserved, and the musts had a wonderful balance of maturity and acidity.


To the eye

Tinted with golden glints that reflect the wine’s maturity and Bollinger vinification techniques.


To the nose

A precise and fruity nose with a slight scent of sea-air. Aromas of cherry and lemon mingle with quince and bergamot. Then notes of hazelnut and almond, peach and mirabelle plum complete this wine’s range of aromas.


On the palate

The initial sensation is a fine and intense effervescence, followed by a wonderful vinosity, and then balanced with delicate acidity. Its very fine texture and sea-air finish bring excellent length on the palate, accompanied by a delicate minerality and the complex flavours of orchard fruit and citrus. This wine unfurls gradually, revealing its full potential and intensity.


Tasting recommendations

La Grande Année 2014 is the perfect champagne for gourmet food. To fully appreciate its unique style and aromas, this wine is best served between 8 and 10°C. You can enjoy La Grande Année 2014 now or choose to age it in your cellar.
  • 98 /100

    This wine is stunning. In fact, it is one of the best recent editions I can remember tasting. What comes through most is the wine’s sizzling energy and tension, qualities that aren’t often associated with Bollinger.

    Antonio Galloni

  • 97 /100

    Racy acidity drives this mounthwatering Champagne, enlivening the rich panoply of flavors.

    Alison Napjus

  • 96 /100

    Overall, this is an extremely beautiful and complex Bollinger on the finer and more elegant half of the whole. I love how you find new little details in a harmonious simplicity with each new sip. Fascinating and beautiful already, grand as R.D. in 10 years or more and without a doubt one of the vintage's rare hits.

    Richard Juhlin

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